Clinical-grade measurements outside of the clinic

Identify. Measure. Interpret.

360 degree view of patient mobility

Non-wearable patient monitoring

Atlas5D provides real world evidence of patient function and mobility. Our Echo5D technology is an Ambient Measurement System (AMS) that accurately identifies and monitors patients in any setting, including the home. As a result, clinicians and researchers can better personalize interventions and understand disease progression. Our technology easily integrates with patients’ daily lives; nothing is worn and no video or photos are collected.


Recognize specific users


Measure individual movements


Quantify behavioral patterns

How it works


Autonomous: Acquisition by Echo5D is 24x7 and passive, and there are no devices to wear or recharge.

Adherence: Patients can go about their daily lives normally, and don’t need to interact with Echo5D.

Setting: Place Echo5D anywhere you need to acquire physical biomarkers, including the home.

Robust: Echo5D is unaffected by ambient light (or dark); is independent of patient orientation; and includes redundancies against data loss.

Patient identification: Echo5D auto-identifies the patient, so that you can quickly verify that the correct person was measured.

Signal-to-noise: Because the patient’s context is fixed, Echo5D’s high sampling rate ensures a strong signal.

Private: Echo5D does not need to acquire visual-light photos or videos.

Validated: Echo5D is validated in rigorous research studies, listed on our Publications page.

Menu of Physical Biomarkers

Acquired 24x7 at up to 30 samples/second.
Event type Walk Rise-to-stand Is seated / standing Articulation of arm Use of cane or walker
Auto-detection of event
Auto-identification of patient
Count and/or frequency
Peak (in given period)
Time series (x, y, z)
Heat map
Per event, averaged, or trended
Height (head, arm, center-of-mass)
Proximity to target      
Right or left arm      
Wheelchair compatible    

We also build metrics for custom applications.

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Echo5D is an investigational device not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any condition. Measurements and analyses are intended for informational purposes only. Echo5D has not been registered, cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.