Introducing Echo5D

Introducing Echo5D

Echo5D is a smart sensor that precisely quantifies human motion and behavior.

Introducing Echo5D

Just place Echo5D on a shelf, and it measures movement: it’s possible to measure speed, balance, and more.

Introducing Echo5D

Echo5D means freedom: there’s nothing special to wear or remember, and no photos or videos.

Echo5D by Atlas5D is the HIPAA-compliant smart sensor that measures physical function by precisely quantifying human motion and behavior. Just place Echo5D on a shelf, and it tracks how people move: it’s possible to measure speed, strength, balance, dexterity, use of objects, and more. There’s nothing special to wear or remember, and no photos or videos.

How Echo5D works

Simple set up

Plug the tablet-sized Echo5D sensor into an outlet and connect it to the wireless network in the patient’s home. Position Echo5D on a shelf or table in the room used most often during the day. You’re done! There’s nothing to wear or recharge.


Echo5D uses infrared-spectrum sensors, such as the Microsoft Kinect, to quantify patient actions while guarding privacy. This means that there are no photos, and that you and your patients enjoy precise control over coverage area.


Echo5D provides real-world data for various conditions. Without Echo5D, monitoring is scarce and expensive. With Echo5D, monitoring is home-based, continuous, 24×7, and deployed to consumer-electronics hardware.


Echo5D is doubly-secure. It runs over Atlas5D’s heavily-encrypted proprietary cloud network, and does not gather personal health information. Echo5D data are de-identified at the point of collection.

Case Study

See how Atlas5D is partnered with Solid Biosciences, a leader in the commitment to solve Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Case Study

Learn how Biogen, the market leader in multiple sclerosis, is working with Atlas5D to raise the bar for real-world data in neurology.


Biotech and Pharma

A changing world of reimbursement means that you need to measure real-world effectiveness across therapeutic areas. Echo5D by Atlas5D enables “beyond-the-pill” services for better treatment and decision making; measures endpoints in clinical trials; and assists in rapidly triaging patients for therapeutic stratification.

Insurer and Government

Your trends in costs and reimbursements are increasingly informed by real-world metrics — but which metrics will deliver the best view of chronic conditions? Echo5D by Atlas5D provides quantitative and relevant data from patient homes, giving you never-before-available planning and service tools.

Hospital and ACO

Healthcare reform means that you need to track real-world outcomes for conditions such as stroke and hip/knee replacement. Echo5D by Atlas5D measures patient mobility at-home, 24×7, to help you meet quality metrics, and decide whether — and when — an intervention is needed.

You need real-world data for various conditions. But how? Wearables are forgotten, lost, and run out of power, and produce noisy, context-free data. Cameras invade patients’ privacy and produce low-fidelity data. Phone calls and at-home visits are sporadic and way too expensive. Echo5D by Atlas5D is your solution.

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Nothing to wear

There’s nothing for patients to wear, remember, or recharge. And there’s no calibration. It just works!

Secure and de-identified

All metrics are acquired under bank-grade encryption. No photos or personal health information are obtained.

No waiting

Echo5D runs 24×7 in real-time, including data acquisition, cloud analytics, and remote diagnostics. You never have to wait for results.

Won't break the bank

Unlike clinical visits and MRI scans, Echo5D by Atlas5D can be yours at cost-effective prices. Contact us to learn more.

Analytics in the cloud

Access Echo5D by Atlas5D data analytics in real-time via browser or smartphone. Zoom in and out, and identify trends and events, across any time period you like: from minutes to months.

Optional alerts

Optional messaging systems are available from Atlas5D that can alert you according to configurable triggers and thresholds, which you define.

Real-world and at-home

Echo5D acquires real-world data from patient homes. Echo5D can reveal acute events over seconds, or gradual trends over months — whichever you need.

You don't have to be a techie

Echo5D takes only minutes to set up, requires little technical know-how, and includes an intuitive touchscreen display. Echo5D can be set up by virtually anyone.

Patients love it

Patients love Echo5D’s inconspicuous look. After setup, patients can forget it’s there.

Echo5D is an investigational device not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any condition. Measurements and analyses are intended for informational purposes only. Echo5D has not been registered, cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.