Why Alice by Atlas5D?

Most people want to stay in their own homes as they age. But that can worry loved ones. The Alice tablet is a smart sensor that helps families stay in sync by sharing changes in how and when a person is moving in their home and sending automatic text or e-mail alerts if there is a change in normal activity. Because Alice shares your normal daily activity, not just alerts about health emergencies, your loved ones can stay more involved, engaged and connected.

Nothing to wear

There’s nothing to wear, remember, or recharge. It just works!

Share your activity

Share your activity with friends and family, but rest assured that no photos are ever stored or sent so your privacy is protected.

Set automatic alerts

You decide who to alert if there is a change from normal activity.

Won't break the bank

With a low monthly subscription fee and one-time charge for Alice tablet, it’s very affordable.

Peace of mind

Worried about a loved one? Use any browser to view activity and reassure yourself that he or she is OK.

Don't wait until it's too late

Don’t wait until a fall or unfortunate event happens to you or your loved one to purchase Alice.

It's not just for emergencies

Alice tracks your movement in real-time and alerts loved ones to changes in your normal daily patterns.

You don't have to be a techie

It takes only minutes to set up and requires little technical know-how. You really can set it and forget it.
We believe that feeling safe in your own home as you age should be simple, private, and affordable.
There is nothing to wear or remember, and none of the embarrassment some people feel about wearing medical alert pendants.
Sharing your activity helps your loved ones worry less and keeps family members involved.
My in-laws are Leo and Nancy. We got them medical-alert necklaces, but they never wear them, never. Nancy’s vision is poor, so she needs Leo to help her each day. One day, my Alice sensor sent an alert that Leo hadn’t shown up by 9 am. It turned out that he had a stomach flu and couldn’t get out of bed. With neither of them eating, things could have gotten much worse, but we were able to catch it right at 9 in the morning and make things all right. With Alice, I don’t worry about Leo and Nancy as much as I used to, because if they aren’t up and about, I’ll get an alert.