Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms does your device cover?

In a typical home, our device covers one to two rooms. The unit is placed on a shelf or cabinet with an unobstructed line-of-sight where the patient most-often conducts the activity of interest (for example, walking around).

Can your device distinguish human from non-human?

Yes. Our device is designed to detect only human movements, and to screen out pets or furniture.

Does your device work in the dark?

Yes, our device works in the dark. It does not require any ambient light.

Does your device require WiFi to work?

Currently, our device requires WiFi availability in the home.

What exactly does your device measure?

Our device is capable of measuring virtually any aspect of human movement. For more information, we invite you to arrange a private demo using our Contact page.

How is your device being validated?

Our device is undergoing validation with Atlas5D’s enterprise partners and under research studies with leading academic hospitals. Results are posted to the “Publications” section as they publish, and are also available on request.